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1 FANNY AVERY THOMPSON and her husband Valentine Jenkins followed her father and mother Henry and Elizabeth Lee Tomson into Missouri during the late 1830's. They settled northeast of Spring Garden, Missouri near the Clark Fork of the Moreau in Cole County. Spring Garden is located 11 miles north of Tuscumbia, MO. Here Valentine Jenkins died on August 6, 1844. Hew was buried near the house of Fanney's father, Henry Tomson, in the family cemetery. Fanny died on December 15, 1889 and was buried in the Spring Garden cemetery. Fanny and Valentine Jenkins were the parents of Elizabeth Marelda, born Jan. 23, 1832; Frances Ellen, born Aug. 31, 1833; Nancy Malinda, born May 23, 1835 who later died on Nov. 14, 1835; John Henry Green, born Aug 29, 1836; Sara Ann Matilda, born Aug 3, 1838, James Valentine, born May 30, 1841; and Thomas Jefferson, born Aug. 6, 1843. Family: F2600
2 William Allcott of Northampton Twp., Burlington County, New Jersey, WillFeb.9,1748,
inventory Feb. 22,1748-50, probate Feb. 25,1748.
Allcott William, 2
3 Information for this lineage has been provided by Ruby Gray Allmendingerand daughter Mary Kathleen Allmendinger Patrick of Rogers, Arkansas. Allmendinger Adam
4 George Frederick Allmendinger was killed on the Railroad August 30, 1892.
Allmendinger George Frederick
5 died age 34-
In Wapell Co WPM Cemetery Records shows
Arnold, John C. buried at Westview Cemetery, Kirkville
other Arnold buried in Kirkville and Ottumwa I owa
Arnold John C
6 In the 1850 census David is listed as David Atkins Jr., After finding David and Laura`s marriage bond record I desided to look for David`s parents in Rockingham Co., North Carolina. In 1820 I found a record for David Atkins with the father missing. In the record just above there is a women listed and there is a mark for a man 16/26. My guess is that they put the mark for David`s father in the wrong place. In looking for a boy David`s age in 1830 I could not find his father. I did find a record for Jane Atkins with one child, a boy 10/15, David was 12 in the 1830 census. In 1840 I found David and Laura and a women that I believe was David`s mother.

Last Will of D. J. Atkins
Mexico, Audrain Co, MO
Will Bk # 1, page 293, 294
I, D J Atkins of the county of Audrain in the State of Missouri being of sound and disposing mind do make and Publish this my last Will and Testament First At my death I direct that all debts against my Estate be paid. Second, I give and bequeath to my son in law William Parks and my Daughter Mattie his wife the sum of Two Hundred Dollars. To my Daughter Mary E Jones one dollar to My Daughter Emily Monkes(r) one Dollar To My Daughter Rhoda A L Martin one Dollar To my Son William P Atkins Fifty dollars. I direct above bequest to be paid to above Children or the heirs of their Body. I also direct that personal property To wit. One horse one cart one watch, one wagon be sold and notes that I hold be collected and after funeral expenses and other claims are settled that the remainder be equally divided among my children herein named I direct that my executors sell the Land of which I may die seized either privately or publicly and execute deed therefor and after the Payment of above Bequeaths to my son D J Atkins the Remainder of the proceeds of the Sale of the real Estate I hereby appoint and constitute William Parks and D J Atkins my sole executors and do hereby revoke all former Wills Witness my hand this 16th day of April 1897. D J Atkins (his mark)
Witnesses James M. Crockett
James H. Jones (?)
Signed and declared by the above named D J Atkins to be his last will and Testament in our presents and we at his request have signed our names as witnesses thereto
James M Crockett of Audrain County MO
James H Jones of Audrain County MO.

Certificate of Probate of Will
State of Missouri) In the Probate Court
County of Audrain) I, S M Edwards Judge of the Probate Court of Audrain County State of Missouri having examined the foregoing Instrument Purporting to be the last Will of D J Atkins deased (sic) and signed by D J Atkins and having heard the testimony of J M Crockett and James H Jones subscribing Witnesses thereto in relation to the execution of the same do declare and adjudge said Instrument to be the last will and Testament of the said D J Atkins deceased late of Audrain County Missouri In testimony Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said court at office In Mexico this 27th day of April 1897.
S M Edwards Judge of Probate

Probate File documents- File # 68:
INVENTORY dated June 23, 1897 - Real Estate - NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec 11 T51 R10 Audrain Co
Personal Property - one horse
1 cart & Set Harness
2 horse wagon & harness
1 double st--- plow
1 filled case gold watch
1 note __ 55 = dated Dec 2, 1895. due in 12 months signed by DJ Atkins ___ - bearing --- per court interest from date with cr
interest to Dec 3, 1896
1 note __50. = dated Jan 22 1896 due 12 months after date & for ct from date signed W A Park
Rents due on hand Jan 1st 1898 sixty dollars

Document dated Apr the 27th 1878:
One day after date I bind myself my heirs ___ to pay David J. Atkins Jr hereby waiving the benefit of my Homestead Exemption as to this debt the sum of $8.29 for value received of him Witness my hand and seal
Laura A. Atkins ___

Only receipt found paying heirs is to William P. Atkins: Mexico Mo, August 14, 1899 - Received of D. J. Atkins jr fifty dollars less my Ahlfeldt note dated Feb 24th 1893 which amounts to thirty and 34/100 dollars, being amount due me from the estate of D. J. Atkins sen. Signed W.P. Atkins
Atkins David, Jr.
7 Emily had a son born in 1863. There is no record of the father. His father may have died in the Civil War.
Information on this card has some wrong information, after the death of a relative the informat very often gives information without research. Luther was not her brother, he was her son.
Obituary found in card file at Audrain Co Gen Society, Mexico MO:
Mexico Intelligencer, January 8, 1891 p4 c5 - Mrs. Monkess d. 2 hours earlier than her sister Mrs Jones; brothers William, Jefferson, and Luther. Buried in Centralia in same grave as her sister . Worcester, MO.

Atkins Emily (Emma)
8 1201851
Emma's mother died when she was about two years old. Her father remarried and the girls went to Audrain Co., Missouri to live with their father's sister. When Emma was about thirteen years old William Francis Walden came to work for her uncle. Because of some problems that Emma was having with her uncle William took Emma to Polk Co., Missouri to live with his mother. William was a little wild at this time and he stole a Horse and Buggy and brought it home to Emma. He was caught and sent to prison for one year. They were married and lived with Williams mother until after Harvey was born. Then they migrated to Colorado were William worked in the gold fields and Emma opened a restruant. They had a lot of problems and Emma moved to Greely Colorado with her family. Emma spent most of her married life alone, after each time she became pregnant William left her and he did not return until after the child was born. The last time he left he went to California and did not return until the children were grown. Emma refused to take him back, she raised her children in the Denver and Colorado Springs area. She died and is buried in Colorado Springs Colorado. 
Atkins Emma Luella
9 1202134
John Was the youngest child of Laurena Shew Adkins. Laurena died after giving birth.  
Atkins John E
10 Precht Funeral Home (now Pickering), Mexico MO:

Luther Jackson Atkins - resided Mexico MO; surviving spouse Sallie Ann Atkins; informant Louis L. Atkins, 717 S. Olive, Mexico MO; died at home on Dec 8, 1933; cause of death diabetes mellitus, gangrene, left foot; born Oct 24, 1862 VA age 71; father Will Atkins (VA); services at home; buried Elmwood Cem, Mexico MO; minister Blake Smith.

Atkins Luther
11 BIOGRAPHY-- DAVID AUSTIN Resided in 1800 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina. Austin David
12 Will recorded: Grayson Co., Dec. 1899. Grayson Co., Va., Will Bk 8, p. 469. Franklin Austin, born 1811. He lived in Grayson County [VA] all his life. being listed in the 1850 census, and in the 1860 census at Greeneville. Austin Franklin
13 In 1832 Isaiah Austin filed a claim for bounty stating that he had served as an Indian spy in the Revolution. His residence at that time was Grayson County, Virginia. He had enlisted in Surry County, North Carolina. At least it shows when Isaiah was alive. In the pension records which states Isaiah appeared in court on 24 Sept. 1832, it gives his age as 73. Also states his date of birth as 18 Feb. 1759. James Cox & Benjamin Phipps appeared in court on the same day as wittnesses to his character and age and the fact that they believed him to be a soldier of the Revolution.


I. June 5 to September 5, 1776 Under: Captain James Shepherd, Lieutenant Edward Kirby, Ensign James Williams. As an Indian Spy.

II. June 1 to September 1,1777 Under: Captain William Hudson, Lieutenant Edward Kirby, Ensign James Williams. Against the Kiowah Indians.

III. Three months in the summer of 1778 Under: Captain John Cox, Lieutenant William Braig (Craig) later killed, Ensign Alexander Henderson, Colonel Shelby. Chasing Indian Cheif, Dragging Canoe.

Pension Certificate issued 2nd day of August 1833
Pension was granted @ $30.00 per annum to begin on the 4th day of March 1831, Arrears to the 4th of March 1833 $60.00 Semi-annual allowance 4 Sept. $15.00.

[Revolutionary Claim] [Act June 7,1832] Recorded by A. Rice-Clerk, Book E Vol.6 Pg 4 
Austin Isaiah
14 "The VA Genealogist" Vol. 5 No. 1 Jan-Mar 1961 by Janet Austin Curtis.
John Austin first appeared in the records in 1740 when he and a Richard Austin asked the Brunswick Co. Court to add them to the list of Tithables. (Brunswick Co., VA Order Bk 1 pg 345) In 1749 he was constable of Lunenburg Co., VA (Lunenburg Co. Order Bk 2 pg 253). He owned at least 1000 acres in part of Lunenburg Co. which later became Halifax and Pittsylvania Co.
John Austin made his Will Sept. 1758, described himself as of Cornwall Parish. The Will was proved 5 Feb. 1760. (Lunenburg Co. VA Bk 1 page 308-310). Son, John already has recieved his share of estate and married when this will was written. Son, Valentine, married , 400 acres on Leatherwood Creek in Halifax Co. (now located in Henry Co.), one negro girl named Hannah, and 1/4th share personal estate at death of his mother. Son, Stephen, unmarried, 370 acres on Sandy River in Halifax Co. (now in Pittsylvania Co.) joining Morton and Hankins. Also one negro boy named Jeffery and 1/4th share personal estate at the death of his mother. Son, Richard, unmarried, To recieve Plantation, one negro boy named Tom, and 1/4 personal estate at the death of his mother. Son,
Joseph, unmarried, one negro girl named Phillie. Beloved wife Hannah Austin, plantation and land on the head of Sandy River in Halifax Co. Wife Hannah and son Richard, executrix and executor. Wit: George Carrinton, Isham Talbot, Thomas Read. 
Austin John Sr.
15 He was deeded land by Isaiah Austin. He lived in Grayson Co. all his life, listed in the 1850 census, in the 1860 census at Grayson Court House, and 1870 census at Old Town Township. Austin Lacy
16 Other researchers have said that John Sr. was the one that married a Sapony Indian, but sense Robert`s father was the one that was trading with the Sapony Indian`s then it would seem more lodgical that Robert married the Sapony Indian maiden and that she was John Sr.`s mother instead of his wife. John Sr.`s will indicates that Valentine`s mother was Hannah. Austin Robert
17 AUSTIN FAMILY BIBLE RECORDS CONTRIBUTED BY: William L. MCDONALD 2207 Berry Avenue, Florence, ALA 35630 "The following records were copied from a Bible in the possession of the late Grace Paulk (Mrs Goodwin) YOUNG. The Bible was published by Kimber and Sharpless in 1826. Its present location is not known. James H CRADDOCK & Martha AUSTIN was married Dec. 21, 1848 Martha YOUNG dau of Jesse YOUNG & Elizabeth his wife was born November the 15th, 1791 John AUSTIN, son of Stephen AUSTIN & Dorcas his wife was born August the 23rd, 1789 Jesse Y AUSTIN, son of John AUSTIN & Martha his wife was born Nov the 2nd day of 1819 Robert AUSTIN, son of John AUSTIN & Martha his wife was born January the 29th 1821 Rachel AUSTIN, daughet of John AUSTIN & Martha his wife was born Dec. the 28th 1822 Martha E AUSTIN, daughter of John AUSTIN & Martha his wife was born March the 18th 1833 Dorcas AUSTIN depareted this life April 12,1836  Austin Stephen
18 BIOGRAPHY--WILLIAM AUSTIN Quoted from "Southside Virginia Austins," by Janet Austin Curtis. "The Virginia Genealogist," October-December 1961, 147-54. William Austin. Little is known of him. He appears on the Montgomery Co., Va., tax lists 1782-87, and in 1793 paid for two tithables in Wythe County, indicating he had a son over 16 at that time. By a deed dated 25 July 17__ he bought from William Allison 250 acres on the New River in Ashe Co., N. C. This deed was witnessed by B. Austin, and when it was finally recorded in 1825 the witness was mentioned as Bat. Austin. On 2 Sept. 1826 William Austin deeded this land to Bartholomew Austin. He also purchased 300 acres on the New River, adjoining the lands of Willim Reeves and others, from Peter Whitaker on 2 May 1807. (19) ____________19. Ashe Co., N. C., Deed Book D, p. 41. Austin William
19 HISTORY OF THE AUSTIN FAMILY The name Austin may have made a change from Austine to Austin. The Austin`s were among one of the first settlers in the State of Virginia. I have not found the ships record of their arrival, but from the records that we have that date back to the early 1600`s this is evident that they came at the very beginning of this nation. The following is the information that I have found: Robert came to US in about 1620 with his son Walter. There was also a James Austin in the same area that may have been a son of Robert as well Robert`s wife may have been deceased by the time that he came to the US. In the 1624 census record it only shows Robert with no family. I feel that both sons were on their own in 1624 and this is the reason that our records show Robert as being alone. James had already moved north and Walter was out trading with the Sapony Indians. Austine Robert
20 THE HISTORY of PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY VIRGINIA CHAPTER I THE INDIANS page 3 The Indian tribes of South Midland Virginia were far enough removed from Tidewater not to be disturbed by the constant war waged by the whites against the tribes prior to 1650, but the existence of these tribes was known to the English by means of the fur trade. From the beginning of the colony there had been men with the vision and foresight to see that the fur trade was an industry of much financial worth. At an early date Henry Fleet and William Claiborne extended the trade up the Chesapeake Bay until Maryland suppressed their efforts. Then the men of southside Virginia opened a trade with the Indians of the unknown south and west. [p.3] In June, I641, Walter Austin, Rice Hoe, Joseph Johnson and Walter Chiles petitioned the General Assembly`for leave and encouragement to undertake the discovery of a new river of unknown lands bearing west southerly from Appomattox River.` Their petition was granted in March, 1642, with a right to enjoy all profit from their adventure for fourteen years. `West southerly` from Appomattox would lead to Pittsylvania and its vicinity, where the Sapony and Occaneechi Indians lived, who were famed for their trade. Austine Walter
21 1344593
Byron B Barkdoll was born September 30, 1872 at Stryker, Ohio and moved with his parents that same year to Nebraska and settled near Meadow Grove. Soon his parents moved to the St Clair Valley in Antelope County where he grew to manhood. He received his education in the pioneer school at that time. On July 5, 1892 he married Jenny Ann Childs. She was born at Wells, Minnesota and had moved with her parents to Humphrey, Nebraska where they lived several years. Her parents then homesteaded in St Clair Valley southwest of Tilden. This place is known now as the old Anton Spiekermann farm. After their marriage, they lived most of their early life one mile west and on the north side of the road of the Bunker Hill School. One year the family left Nebraska and moved to Granville, North Dakota which is a wheat growing area. Byron and the boys went by covered wagon, leading several horses. His wife and girls made the trip by train. Due to complete crop failure they returned to their original farm. After semi-retirement in Tilden, he operated a dairy for some time. He sold the dairy and became Tilden's night marshal which he was doing when he became ill. He died in September 1938 of cancer. 
Barkdol Byron
22 1344604 Barkdol Charles Cecil
23 1344599 Barkdol Esther Marion
24 Barnes, Col. Abraham of Leonardtown
In 1764 I gave my son John a very sufficient quantity of goods to begin trade and merchandise. Contrary to my expectations, he has carelessly lost and sunk all I gave him and is more in debt than I am able to pay, he having stripped all the ready money I had and has involved me in a very considerable security to Osgood, Hanberry and Company, merchants in London, and others. On the whole, this will amount to an equal share of my estate, but above all, he has robbed me of my happiness and peace of mind at a time of life when I expected to be free from any disturbance or anxiety. When he
reflects on this and that this profound unhappy condition and misfortune is entirely owing to his own obstinancy in rejecting my advice and opinion in all things and at the same time not informing himself of the true state of his affairs and endeavors to keep everything material from my knowledge. From this melancholy consideration, he cannot, with any reason, expect any further favor or indulgence from me. Therefore, I give all to my son, Richard Barnes.
Exec: Son, Richard Barnes. Wit: Hugh Hopewell, John Black, James Bates.

Barnes Abraham Jr.
25 Aquilla died in the Battle of Cowpens on Jan. 17, 1781. North of Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Battle of Cowpens, the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. At the Cowpens, a frontier pasture land, on January 17, 1781, Daniel Morgan led his army of tough Continentals and backwoods militia to a brilliant victory over Banastre Tarletons battle-hardened force of British regulars. Located in present-day South Carolina north of Spartanburg.
Barnes Aquilla
26 1229068
Elizabeth was married to Thomas William for 23 years and they had nine children. After her divorce she remarried George W. Cloyed, a widower with young children. She for a time was a school teacher at Inglis,Missouri. 
Barnes Elizabeth F.
27 In the 1850 census Julia Barnes is shown as Deaf and Dumb. She is living with her parents and she is 25 years of age. Barnes Julia
28 1850 census shows William H. Barnes as Deaf and Dumb living at home with his parents at 27 years of age. Barnes William H.
29 Harrison joined the Luminary Meeting House Church in Rhea County, on November 18, 1834 along with Sarah and Joshua Goad and others. This meeting took place in Sister Barnett's home. Later in July 1837, this was recorded "excluded the following named members for joining the Baptist State Convention and neglecting to attend their Church meeting when called upon: Joshua Goad, Harrison Barnett, Judith Castel, formerly Clough, Sarah Goad, Paley Robertson, Charity Tannie, and Martha Crawford".
Harrison Barnett was a physician and a farmer.
Information taken from Pg 141-142: Dr. Evertt Kings book "History of Maries County, MO"
Was of early middle age when he came to Missouri in 1852. Mr. Barnett's first wife was Jane Robinson, marriage date: January 28, 1835, by whom he was the father of two children, Alvira born 1837 and Robert H. born 1839. Robert married an Orr and moved to and died near Forsyth, Taney County; Alvira married John McWhorter, who was killed in the Civil War leaving two children, Harrison and William. She afterward married Joseph York and the family moved to Cambridge, ID where both she and her husband died. Her sons still live there. The first Mrs. Barnett died about 1839 or 1840, and on December 8, 1841, he married Hannah Mariah Hassler, who was born in the state of TN November 22, 1823, and died in Maries County, December 23, 1887. Harrison and Hannah had eleven children. Dr. Barnett died May 8, 1902.
Dr. Barnett "read medicine" under a neighborhood doctor, and shorty after attaining his majority began independent practice, which he followed for about fifteen years before coming to Missouri in 1852. He moved with horse-drawn wagons and was followed by a man named McCoy with ox-teams which carried most of his family's belongings. The horses were faster than the steers which necessitated McCoy driving late at night to catch up. Near Babbtown Dr. Barnett met up with Abraham Barnhart, who had just killed a deer, and on his invitation the family went to his house nearby to spend the night. McCoy, making his late drive, came on the pool of blood left by the deer while the men talked, reasoned that Barnett and his family had been killed, and by "laying the bud" to his steers succeeded in escaping.The doctor at first had not intended to locate in this part of the state. Indeed, it seems that he had no certain location in mind when he left Tennessee, but he liked this part of the county and settled just inside the northwest corner of what is now Maries County. His home and office at once took the name of Barnett's Station, by which name it was known for many years. He made his home at and near his first settling place, except the family refuged in Vienna in 1864 and lived there for several years thereafter.
Barnett Harrison
30 1228921 Barnett Ollie
31 About 1790 George Baskins moved from Baskins Island at the mouth of the Juniata to Richhill Twp, joining his sisters. About 1795 he married Rachel, daughter of Francis Braddock. In 1824 George Baskins, his four sons and son-in-law, James Kerr, settled in North Bloomfield Twp, Morrow Co, OH. George Baskins and wife Rachel are buried at Ebenezer United Methodist Church, 4 1/2 miles south of Galion, OH. The sons moved to IA. There are Baskin(s) Creeks in Bremer Co, IA, in Kershaw and Lancaster Co, SC, and in Gatlinburg, TN. The Baskins pioneered in a number of states: PA, VA,SC, TN, HY, OH, GA, IA, and others. GEORGE BASKINS (son of Francis) in 1852 died south of Galion, OH. George Baskins was born in Jun 1761, a few weeks before his father died. Baskins George
32 Information here comes from the Boggess pages at, and is evidently based upon the books, "Footprints in the Sands of Time," by Joann Smith and Joanna Fox. I have not seen these books.
Henry Boggess III, born 06 Dec 1705 in St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia; died Bef. 23 Jun 1785 in Fairfax County, Virginia. He was the son of Henry Boggess II and Mary Bennett. He married 17. Jane Cox 16 Jul 1734 in Fairfax County, Virginia.
17. Jane Cox, born 1713 in Westmoreland County, Virginia; died 1743 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Vincent Cox and Jane Cox).

Children of Henry Boggess and Jane Cox are:
i. Richard Bauguess, born 1735 in Fairfax County, Virginia; died Abt. 1822 in Wilkes County, North Carolina; married (1) Nancy Jane McCarty 1772 in Shelburne Parish, Loudoun County, Virginia; born 1734; died 1809 in Traphill, Wilkes County, North Carolina; married (2) Keziah Rose Abt. 1794 in Wilkes County, North Carolina; born Bet. 1774 - 1775 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina; died Unknown.
ii. Henry Boggess IV, born 07 May 1736 in Fairfax County, Virginia; died Bef. 01 Dec 1784 in Loudoun County, Virginia; married Mary Ann Lindsay 11 Sep 1764 in The Mount, Fairfax County, Virginia; born 09 Oct 1747 in Mt. Pleasant, Fairfax County, Virginia; died 27 Apr 1822 in Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia.
iii. Sarah Ann Boggess, born Abt. 1737 in Virginia; died 1805.
iv. Robert Boggess, born Abt. 1738 in Prince William County, Virginia; married Nancy Elizabeth Bailey Abt. 1764; born Abt. 1740; died Unknown.
v. Elizabeth Boggess, born Abt. 1740 in Virginia.
vi. Vincent Boggess, born 1742 in Virginia; married Unknown Billings.
8 vii. John Boggess, born Abt. 1743 in Fairfax County, Virginia; died Bef. 1790 in Virginia; married Elizabeth Bailey 1768 in Fairfax County, Virginia.
Bauguess Henry
33 About Bauguess, Richard
Richard was married twice, fathering eighteen children. His first wife, an Irish emigrant, was Nancy McCarty. Nancy died in Dec. 1789, she was one of the first people to be buried in Old Roaring River Baptist Church Cemetery in Traphill. Richard is believed to be buried in a family graveyard on the old Osborne Bauguess farm near Traphill. The will of Richard Bauguess is dated 1809 and was probated April 1822. It names his wife, Kezia who is presumed to have been Keziah Rose. Children of Richard and Nancy are: Fanny born 1773, married to John Higgins in 1795; James born 1775, married to Mary Turner in 1824; Robert born June 12,1777, married to Mary Sparks in 1801; William R. born 1779, married to Mary Abigail; Jane born Oct.20, 1882, married Joseph Spicer April 3, 1805; Henry born 1884, married to Lydia Spraks; John born 1786, married to Sarah Louise Allen; Mary (Polly) born 1788, married to Isaiah Rose; Vincent born Dec. 26, 1789, married (1) Susan Hanks (2) Nancy Creed;

Nancy died in Dec. 1789, Richard remarried in about 1795 to Keziah Rose. Children of Richard and Keziah are: Mary Elizabeth born 1796, married to an Edwards; Emanuel born 1797, married to Amelia Sparks in 1817; Sarah born in 1798, married to Zachariah Brooks in 1821; Jemima born 1801, married William Spicer Jr. on Feb. 22, 1817; Nancy born 1806, married to Lewis Alvin Murphy in 1830; Elijah born 1808, married Jane Brumley; Lydia born Aug.7, 1811, married Martin Cockerham on Nov.15, 1829; Richard Jr. born 1813, married (1) Lydia Wadell and (2) Elizabeth Lackery; Phoebe born 1817, married John M. Southard on Mar. 18, 1836.
After Richard`s death in 1822, Keziah married Lewis Murphy`s grandfather, Timothy Murphy. They were married on June 16, 1825.  
Bauguess Richard
34 1880 census shows Josiah(36), Ellorah(34), Charles W. G.(13), Martha E.(8), and Cora S.(4) in Adams Twp, Snyder Co, PA.
Bingman Josiah
35 1202071 Binkley Tolbert
36 1880 census shows Sarah(56) and Martha(17) in Adams Twp, Snyder Co, PA.
Bobb Sarah Ann
37 Baptism record at DRC of NA/NY on 16 Dec 1657; Theunis Gysbertszen, Saertie Joris; Cathalyn; Joris Rappalje, Cathalyn Hieronymus Bogaert Catalyntje
38 His body was donated to Wayne State University.
Bowen Oren Chauncey
39 Cyrus became the pastor of the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Bridgeville, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania on Nov.15,1855. He died and is buried in the Bethany Church Cemetery. The land for this church and cemetery originally was the property of my 4th and 5th great grandfathers Abraham and Moses Middleswarth. Also on my Coulter side Moses Coulter the brother of my 4th great grandfather John Coulter was one of the founding members of the church. Cyrus Braddock may have been the minister that held the funeral services for members of the Coulter and Middleswarth families.  Braddock Cyrus Green
40 D. A. BRADDOCK, the fourth son of David G. and Susanna (Crow) Braddock, was born in Richhill Township in May, 1840. He was raised on the farm, attended the common-schools, and has made farming and stock-growing his business although he has worked at the carpenter`s trade to some extent. He owns a good farm of 106 acres near Harvey`s, Penn. Mr. Braddock was married in December 1877, near Marysvllle, Union County, Ohio. His wife`s maiden name was Lucella Henderson, daughter of Thomas and Ethel(McGee) Henderson, She was born in West Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Braddock have one son, J. H. Braddock. Mrs. Braddock is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Braddoek is a Republican in politics. The Braddocks were originally from Loudoun. County, Virginia, and were among the first settlers of Greene County, Penn.
Braddock David A.
41 A short distance below John Carter`s on Crab Apple Run, has long resided David G. Braddock, who was born on the 9th of May, 1807. His first wife was Susan Crow, a neice of those unfortunate girls who were slain by the Indians. The children of this couple were Frank, Nancy, Crow, Newton, Anna, David, Margaret and Jacob. Frank married Mariah J. Porter and their children are Evaline and Frank Sherman, Nancy died in the 19th year of her age, Crow married Mary Carter their only child was Jen V., Newton married Jane Burns, their children are Lizzie N. and David G., Anna married W. S. Richey, their children Sadie E. and Dora, David married Lou Henderson, their child is Joseph Harvey, Margaret died in the 19th year of her age, Jacob married Margaret Cook, their child is Laura.
This information was given by Nola Elliott. 
Braddock David Gray, b.1807
42 The History of Greene County by Rev. William Hanna:
Francis Braddock was a zealous, earnest, uncompromising Presbyterian and seems to have been the means of gathering kindred spirits of the same faith and order around him. One of the peculiarity of both these orignal families was the number of their sons that became ministers in the Presbyterian Church. Three of the sons of Francis Braddock, Sr. viz; Francis Jr., Cyrus G. and Joseph were inducted into the ministry. While David and James Harvey still hold the original lands, they are both elders in the Presbyterian Church of Unity.
At the house of David Gray, on the 27th of August, 1814, a comittee consisting of Rev. John Anderson and Rev. Joseph Stephenson met the few Presbyterians of this nighborhood and the Church of Unity was organized by electing David Gray, Jacob Rickey, Francis Braddock and Moses Dinsmore Elders. This was on the farm owned and occupied by the late Mrs. McClelland, a little below the present village.  
Braddock Francis, b.1779
43 The History of Greene County by Rev. William Hanna:
Among the people arriving in Greene Co.,Pennsylvania was Francis Braddock, who settled on land still owned by his descendants in 1805. This man was of Scotch descent on his mother`s side and of English descent on his father`s side. He was undoubtedly a good judge of land, having selected some of the finest in the township. This information was given by Nola Elliott
This information is also in The History of Greene County by Rev. William Hanna: Biography of Francis M. Braddock son of David G. and Susan (Crow)Braddock, Grandson of Francis Braddock.
Braddock Francis
44 F. M. BRADDDOK, farmer and stock-grower, born August 14, 1880, is a son of David G. and Susan (Crow) Braddock, who were of English and Irish and German origin. His father was born in Rich-hill Township in 1807, and still resides on the old Braddock farm, which has been in the possession of the family for more than a hundred years. His family now living consists of nine children. Francis Braddock, great-grandfather of F.M.Braddock, was one of the pioneer settlers of this county when the western part of it was all a wilderness. He first settled in Richhill Township, settling on the old Braddock farm which he took from the Government. F.M.Braddock`s maternal grandfather Jacob Crow, was also among the first settlers in this part of the county, and his family of two boys and three girls were murdered by the Indians in Richhill Township. In the Braddock family there are many successful farmers and prominent professional men. As a farmer the subject of our sketch has been very successful, and now owns a 150 acre farm which is in a high state of cultivation. Mr. Braddock was united in marriage November 20,1862, with Maria J., daughter of Dr. W. B. Porter. Mrs. Braddock was of English and Scotch-Irish ancestry. She died in 1880, leaving a family of three children-Eva L., wife of Charles Buckingham; Sherman F., and Mary, now deceased. In politics Mr. Braddock is a Republican. He has been an able member of the school board in his township.
Braddock Francis M.
45 JAMES H. BRADDOCK, Harvey`s, Penn.-Among the descendants of the early settlers of this county we mention the gentleman whose name heads this sketch. He was born on the farm he now owns, September 18, 1819, and is a son of Francis and Ann (Gray) Braddock. His mother was the daughter of Judge Gray, one of the first associate judges in this part of the State. Mr. Braddock`s parents were born in the old fort near `Washington, Penn.,and were of Irish and English origin. His father died in 1856. Mr. James H. Braddock is the seventh in a family of nine children. He has been a very successful farmer, accumulating quite a good deal of property, the greater part of which he has given to his children. In 1846 Mr. Braddock was united in marriage with Miss Jane, daughter of William and Sarah(Cox) Henderson. Their children are- Adda, wife of Thomas Blair; Frank, a clerk in the War Department at Washington, D.C.; and Sadie, wife of Dr.Teagarden, of West Virginia. Mrs. Braddock died in 1876. In 1888 Mr.Braddock married Miss Belle, daughter of Ephraim McClelland. They are members of the Presbyterian Church, in which Mr. Braddock has been an elder for a period of fifteen years. He also takes an active interest in the Sabbath-school, of which he is now assistant superintendent. In politics be is a Republican.
Braddock James Harvey
46 John Braddock, born about 1778, he married Elizabeth Gray, he move to Morrow County Ohio, had three children, the only one I know for sure is Martin C Braddock , his parents Francis Braddock born 1746 , died 6 Jul 1800, his wife Elizabeth Martin born about 1758, died abt 1825, had 11 children.
Braddock John
47 NEWTON H. BRADDOCK, farmer and stock-grower, was born in Richhill Township, June 1,1834, and is a son of David and Susan (Crow) Braddock. He is a descendant of the pioneer settlers of this county, a brief history of whom is given in the biographical sketch of F. M. Braddock, also a resident of this township. Newton Braddock is the fourth of a family of nine children. He was reared on the farm in Richhill Township, and attended the district school. He has made farming his occupation and owns 160 acres of valuable land, where he now resides. In 1869 Mr.Braddock married Miss Jane, daughter of Alexander Burns. Their children are-Lizzie N. and David G., Jr. In 1864 Mr. Braddock enlisted in Battery B, First Pennsylvania Light Artillery, and was with the army of the Potomac at Lee`s surrender. He taught in the schools of Richhill Township each winter from 1856 till 1878, except the time he spent in the army, and he also served as school director, and was secretary of the board. He is a Republican. Braddock Newton H.
48 Raphael Braddock was born in 1695/96 in England, He married Elizabeth(maiden name unknown), and had 5 sons Ralph Jr. Braddock, William Braddock, Joshua Braddock, John Braddock, and Francis (Frank) Braddock. Francis was born in 1746 in England he married Elizabeth Martin, and had 12 children, 2 were named Francis 1779 and John 1776.
Land Records for Ralph (not Raphael) Braddock, there are three Maryland Records that I have been able to find: Aug 5, 1728, Ralph with wife Elizabeth indentures 50 acres in HOLDERS DELIGHT from Thomas Harryman (Baltimore County Deeds, Liber LSNo. K 1727-1731, p. 56) On 5 Nov 1729 Ralph and wife Elizabeth convey 50 acres of a parcel called BATCHELORS DELIGHT to Dorias Sutton, widow, for 3300 lbs of tobacco (Baltimore County Deeds, Liber LS No. K 1727-1731 p.125. On 10 June 1738 Ralph, wife Elizabeth and daughter Ann are named in a lease of 60 acres in a tract of Land known as BLATHEN CAMBRIA in Baltimore County on the Southward branches of Gunpowder Creek (BaltimoreCounty Deeds, Liber HWS, No. 1A 1737-1740)The land is leased from Benjmin Tasker, attorney in fact for Thomas Bladsen of the City of London. In 1759, Braddock is living in Loudoun Co. VA and becomes involved in a suit by Thomas Sligh of Baltimore County for an alleged unpaid debt. Its pretty evident that this is the same Ralph Braddock. On Nov 20,1760 Ralph rents 100 acres of land in Catoctian Manor, a 16000 acre tract belonging to Lord Fairfax. Named in the agreement are sons Francis age 16 and Joshua, age 11. The record is found in Loudoun County Virgina Deed Book C. part 1, p. 1-5. by Allen Beatty.

Raphael joined the Sons of Liberty of Maryland and volunteered as a private in the militia. He served to the close of the war. In 1789 he removed to Washington Co, PA where he died.
From `Index to the Tithables of Loudoun Co Va 1758-1786` by Hopkins:
[number is yr they appear on list]
Braddock (Bradock, Bradox, Brodick)
Francis 63
John 61-63, 69-70
Ralph 60-63
Ralph Jr 60-61, 63, 65
William 60, 63

From `Index to Loudoun Co Land Deed Books A-Z, 1757-1800` by Pat Duncan:
Bk:Pg: B:351 Date: 20 Nov 1760 Received in court: 9 Sep 1761
Charles Earl of Tankerville to farmer William BRADDOCK of Loudoun (25y) & wife Mary (30y) & dau Prudence (1y). Lease for life of 100ac in Catoctian Manour, adj Ralph BRADDOCK. Wit: John HOUGH, Fleming PATTERSON, Andrew ADAM, Evan WILLIAMS.

Bk:Pg: C:001 Date: 20 Nov 1760 Received in court: 9 Sep 1761
Charles Earl of Tankerville to farmer Ralph BRADDOCK of Loudoun (65y) & son Francis (16y) & son Joshua (11y). Lease for life of 100ac in Catoctian Manour. Wit: John HOUGH, Evan WILLIAMS, Flemg. PATTERSON, Andrew ADAM.

From `Historian`s Guide to Loudoun, Vol. 1, 1757-1766` by Phillips:

page. 183: Aug 11, 1763, Ralph Braddock Sr., an insolvent in Prison for over 20 days due to a judgment in favor of merchant Thomas Sligh for debts, delivered a schedule of his Estate for the benefit of his Creditors, gave the Oaths required of insolvent debtors, and was discharged and released from jail. Order Book B, page 214.

Braddock Raphael
49 After the death of James, Susanna was taken to an asylem in Columbus, Ohio because of mental problems, probably senility. Braddock Susanna
50 William BRADDOCK b. June 1884 was a brother to John BRADDOCK b. abt 1776. John married Margaret Gray (lst) and 2nd. Margaret Cathers. information states that Rachael BRADDOCK b. 9 Sept 1773 married George W.Baskins (abt 1795) and moved to Morrow Co. OH. I have visited the BRADDOCK Cemetery in Greene Co PA where John BRADDOCK and Margaret GRAY are buried. John Gray BRADDOCK, s/o John (b. abt 1776) died in Allen Co IN. William BRADDOCK (wife Nancy Cathers) died in Knox Co OH, 14 Sept 1857. Helen Pilcher Hall
William BRADDOCK b. 9 Jun 1783 Graysville, Greene, PA d. 14 Sep 1857 Bradensburg, Jackson twp, Knox, OH m. Nancy CATHERS m. Green Co, PA b. 1802 Jackson Twp, Knox Co, OH
From History of Gage Co, NE at 878: William Braddock was born in New England, of sterling colonial ancestry, his father having come from England. he became a pioneer in Ohio, where he and his wife passed the residue of their lives.
Braddock William

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